Below is the document that will be handed to you with your bouncy castle. To ensure that you are happy when we arrive, please take time to have a read through this document.

It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring this bouncy castle to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the Inflatable.

Please ensure that the following Safety Instructions are followed:

  • These units have an age limit of 14 years of age. Please ensure that no-one over this age uses the equipment. Unless specified adults are not allowed to use the equipment.
  • No food or drinks or chewing gum to be allowed on the Bouncy Castle which will avoid choking and mess.
  • All shoes, glasses, jewellery and badges MUST be removed before using the Bouncy Castle.
  • No party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string to be used either on the Bouncy Castle.
  • No smoking or barbecues near the Bouncy Castle.
  • Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls is DANGEROUS and must not be allowed.
  • A responsible ADULT must supervise the Bouncy castle at all times.
  • Always ensure that the Bouncy Castle is not overcrowded and limit numbers according to the age and size of the Children using it. Try to avoid large and small Children from using it at the same time.
  • Always ensure that Children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
  • No pets, toys or sharp instruments are allowed on or near the Bouncy Castle.
  • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs allowed on the inflatable.
  • If the Bouncy Castle is not being used for any part of the day, please switch the blower off at the mains.
  • Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front safety step as a Child could easily bounce off the inflatable and get hurt. The step is there to assist users Ensure that no-one with a history of back or neck problems is allowed on the Bouncy Castle or any Child that is feeling unwell.
  • Do not allow anyone to be on the Bouncy castle during inflation or deflation as this is DANGEROUS.
  • Please ensure that Children are not attempting somersaults and are clothed appropriately and that nothing can fall out of their pockets.
  • The Bouncy Castle should not be used if it becomes wet on the jumping area. If a rain cover is not fitted, in the event of rain, the unit should not be used.
  • In the event of heavy rain, it is strongly recommended that the Bouncy Castle be switched off. Any wetness, including bubbling (which is normal)can be dried with a towel.
  • In the event that the blower stops working, please ensure all users get off the inflatable immediately. The blower has a safety reset button, try pressing this, also check the fuses and make sure the blower tube or deflation tube has not come undone or something has not blown onto and is obstructing the blower. In the event that it overheats, or loses power, switch the blower off at the mains, then switch it back on again 1 or 2 minutes later. If it does not restart then contact us straight away.
  • Do not let anyone switch the electric on and off as this causes damage to the blower and is dangerous.


Please note that the persons hiring the inflatable is responsible for the persons/children using the inflatable equipment. Aarons will not be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse/reckless use. These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they are fully adhered to at all times. Aaron's Bouncy Castle Hire cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using the equipment due to misuse and recklessness.

I have read the above agreement and fully understand and accept the conditions as above. I am aware that whilst in my care I am fully responsible for the Inflatable and will pay for any loss or damage that may occur.

If there are any questions regarding these terms of use, please contact us.